Living life in the fast lane

Hey ya’ll, I’m cindy and I live for my gym sessions. Pilates, crossfit, HIIT, you name it and I’ll sign up and give it my all.

I wasn’t always a fitness freak, far from it. 2 or 3 years ago I would think nothing of devouring an entire tray of Dunkin Donuts, slurp it down with 2 litres of pop and then think about what’s for dinner. But you know what they say, a healthy body equates to a healthy mind. And the opposite held true, in that I was struggling. When I was unhealthy, I felt lethargic, out-of-shape, I was lacking motivation. My career was struggling as were my relationships. I didn’t love myself, so I made a positive change, and there’s no looking back now!

So I decided to live life in the fast line, at 120mph. No more fast food (well almost ‘no more’, we still have to live a little sometimes!) and my lifestyle has been transformed. I socialise more, I make more money, I date more, my friendship group has grown and I’m so much more outgoing. So here I am sharing all this with you, hoping to show you guys that you can make the same change. Join my journey and let’s do it together!