5 Ways Fitness Improves Your Life

No matter what your age it is essential that you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle – especially if you want to live well into your hard earned retirement. Your body is a machine that needs to be kept well oiled and this is not just your cardiovascular system which keeps the blood flowing around your body, but also your muscles, bones and dietary systems. If one fails then the others may well soon follow. As we can see there are a number of advantages to keeping fit which we will go into more detail.

Aerobic exercise is the best way to get your heart pumping and that blood flowing around your body. Your heart is a muscle and must be kept active in order for it to function correctly. For the majority of people anywhere between 60 and 80 beats per minute is considered normal resting rate. Anything over 90 beats per minute and you may have a problem. Circulatory problems can include high or low blood pressure or high cholesterol.

The best way to keep the muscles fit is to use them. Muscles respond to exercise which ultimately increases your power. Now, you do not have to turn yourself into an Arnold Swartzenegger to do this. Simple light weights will do the trick just as well. Also, when we improve our muscles we are also improving our bone and joint structures by helping them cope better with the added stress.

When we keep ourselves fit there is also a natural urge to start to watch what we eat thus complementing our dietary system. We tend to move away from high fat, high sugar and high salt foods. We keep an eye on our cholesterol levels and start to decrease our alcohol consumption and in some cases stop smoking which will always benefit our health. Large increases in the number of type 2 diabetes diagnoses have been put down to people not watching what they eat.

Fitness also benefits our mental ability. Todays workplaces can be extremely stressful and exercise can often help us to let of steam. Endorphins released during exercise help us deal better with depression because they produce a natural high and a general feeling of well being.

Finally, when we keep ourselves fit we get into a much better sleep pattern. Our body needs the rest and we often find that we actually require less sleep than normal.


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