Going to Orlando without the kids

Perhaps your parents have agreed to look after the children or maybe you don’t have any kids and you’re going on a lads, ladies or couples trip to Orlando. Whatever the circumstance, you’re sure to take advantage of this situation by burning the candle at both ends. Orlando, known as the ‘Theme Park Capital of the World’, is more than just a family holiday destination, it can be tailored to everyone, it all depends on what type of an experience your looking for. Here are some ideas to consider:

Theme Park Resorts – You cant go to the theme park capital of the world and not embrace your ‘inner kid’. Home to some of the busiest theme parks on the planet there’s no surprise there are some adrenaline racing, hair-raising experiences to be had on the endless amusements on offer.

Nightlife – With not having to worry about how early you need to be up or the time because its getting late, you are bound to want to see what the city has to offer after the sun sets. If your not still at the theme parks which have more than their fair share of evening entertainment then head to Downtown Orlando and International Drive which are at the top list of places to go. With diverse range of options, there is something for everyone. From live music to stand up comedians, pubs to ice bars and lounges to wild block parties, Orlando will have no problem keeping you entertained until its time to go home.

Sports – Take the ‘bull by the horns’ and go to a live sports event. With 41 games played a season by each NBA team, its likely you’ll get the opportunity to see the locals get behind Orlando Magic, their first professional sports team, so why not follow suit and become one of the home fans for the day. If basketball isn’t for you, there is always the golf! With so many top class courses designed by some of the greats of the sport, there is more then enough to test you power off the tees and your nerves on the greens.

Outdoor Activities – From adventure zip-lines to zip-lining over alligators, driving off road ATVs to jet-ski watersports Orlando offers more than its fair share of exhilarating out door activities. You wouldn’t even dream of taking the kids to some of these attracting so take full advantage of your ‘golden ticket’ and see what you nerves are made.

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