Nine Reasons To Fall In Love With Thailand 


Of all of the Asian countries that I visited during my time on the road, there was one which stood out head and shoulders above the rest, Thailand. I first visited the country when my parents took the family on one of the luxury Thailand holidays which we had seen advertised, and since that moment I couldn’t wait to go and explore this country some more. As it happens, I ended up deciding on Thailand as the country where I would lay down roots and have subsequently bought a property here in Bangkok.

If you have not yet visited Thailand, I want  to talk to you a little today about how and why you will fall in love with the country as I have, and why you simply have to add Thailand onto your travel list.


My first introduction to Thailand was on the island of Ko Samui, a peaceful and visually beautiful place which offers so much for tourists who are looking to get away from it all. I have since traveled to many other islands such as Phi Phi and Ko Tao, and whilst they are all unique in their own special way, there is a common theme running through each, breathtaking natural landscapes. There are islands for everything in Thailand, islands to relax, islands to party and islands to get active, whatever you’re after, there is an island just for you.


I love the richness of the culture in Thailand, and especially how despite the modernization of the country, it has continuously strived to preserve its culture and the roots of the nation. Throughout the country you will find ancient temples, archaeological sites of a world gone by, as well as tribes and small village soft people who still live as they have done for hundreds of years.


The cuisine in Thailand, particularly the array of street food on offer is one of my favorite aspects of living here. What I love most is the attention that they give to the flavors of the food, the textures and the bravery to experiment with new ingredients and cooking methods to deliver the best plate of food. Thai food goes beyond Pad Thai and Coconut chicken soup, and whether you are eating fish, meat or veg, you can expect it to be packed with succulent flavors.


One of the reasons why Thailand has become something of a Mecca for backpackers and tourists from around the world is thanks to its incredible low cost of living. In many countries you can find cheap aspects, but here in Thailand everything is reasonably priced. What this means is that if you are on a budget you can easily find accommodation, food and activities to fit in with your price plan, it also means that if money isn’t an issue, you can live like a King here, and still arrive home with money in your pocket.


The infrastructure which has been put in place by the Thai government with regards to tourism is absolutely incredible and it is so easy to move around this huge country. Wherever you may land you can expect transport links, plenty of accommodation and all out hospitality. This extends to flying, trains, busses and car rental and as you can expect, it is all very reasonably priced.


In my view, not enough is talked about when it comes to the wildlife in Thailand and here you can find exotic creatures like elephants and tigers, native monkeys and an enormous range of indigenous bird life. Whilst the country may have had an issue in the past with malpractice in terms of wildlife tourism, it is cleaning up its act and you can responsibly discover some of the planet’s most amazing creatures.


From full moon parties to 24 hour bars and clubs, certain areas of the country offer some of the liveliest and fun-packed nightlife that you can expect to find. My hometown Bangkok has a party scene that could rival any western country and in places like Pattaya you will see partying taken to a whole new level. If you like to live it up, you will adore this fun-loving nation.


Security is a often top priority when you go traveling and if that applies to you, then you can be safe in the knowledge that Thailand is a very safe country, even when it comes to petty crime. As it happens, most of my neighbors here in Bangkok don’t even lock their doors, crimes against tourists in Thailand are some of the lowest figures in the world, and walking around with valuables is not even something that you are warned against. There is of course always an exception but generally speaking it is a very safe country to stay in, and travel  through.

Spectacular Nature

Thailand offers a wonderful kaleidoscope of natural settings which is enough to blow any tourist away. Depending on where in the country you are you can expect to see thick rainforest regions, rugged coastline, vast cave networks, snow-white beaches, crystal clear waters, jungle environments, lush green planes and wide open lakes. If you are a sucker for a nature shot, then you will absolutely adore this country.

Have you been to Thailand before? Where did you go? What did you think? Feel free to comment in the section below this post, I’d love to hear what you thought about this magnificent country.

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