What is CrossFit exactly?

Crossfit is absolutely everywhere these days! It seems that if my mates are posting pictures on Facebook, everytime I go out I see someone wearing a crossfit t-shirt and now we can even watch the crossfit games live on ESPN!

The world has gone crossfit mad, it’s not just a fad because crossfit has been around for a while now and it’s not going anywhere soon. If anything this fitness trend is going to grow and grow.

What is Crossfit?

It’s usually advertised using a simple phrase of 4 words – the sport of fitness. Crossfit training includes varied and high intensity movements. The Crossfit believers follow the philosophy that anyone, regardless of shape and size, is able to improve their physical fitness and cardio in a tough but welcoming and encouraging environment.

Who is Crossfit for?

If you head to the Crossfit website you will see that they say the program has been designed for ‘universal scalability’ which makes it perfect for an commited person regardless of the previous experience they may have.

I think you could divide the Crossfit people into the following categories; Beginners to weight training, people after support and community, fitness fanatics, masochists and former athletes.

Is it dangerous?

This is something I heard a lot about when people started talking about Crossfit. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a persona trainer, his gripe with Crossfit was that the form/technique used by Crossfit athletes was not good and could lead to injury.

Yes, it can be dangerous but it’s really not as dangerous as the haters make you think. Most of the injuries that occur in Crossfit is because people actually push themselves too far. Crossfit attracts the type of people that want to push themselves to the limit – it’s up to the coach to recognize when he/she needs to shout at someone to stop!

What are the classes like?

Classes are fantastic and before you know it you will have made new friends. Crossfit is all about getting fit but also it’s about community. Don’t be shy or worried about looking a little bit silly at first, everyone in the beginner class will be in the same boat and trust me all you will get is support. I think every Crossfit gym in the world will allow you to try a class for free before you sign up, so use that free class to your advantage and check it out now!

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